Sai Creations

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Customer can cancel or modify the order within 24 hours of placing it. Any request made after the stipulated time period shall not be entertained under any circumstances.

If under extra-ordinary circumstances, cancellation or refund request is accepted after 24 hours, refunds will be made only in the form of gift certificates or vouchers. Please do not expect cash refunds in any case.

Any cancellation that is made while using debit or credit card, refunds generated out of it will be credited to corresponding debit and credit card only. No other debit/credit card details will be considered for refunding the amount due to security reasons.

All cancellation requests are taken in positive light and treated in customer-friendly manner. We understand that you may require cancelling the order due to any unforeseen situation and take full interest in refunding the amount as soon as possible through valid modes.

It is worth noticeable that you will not be able to cancel orders on your own. You will require the assistance of customer support team that will raise the cancellation request on your behalf. Hence, contact the relevant authorities within 24 hours of placing the order through Phone or e-mail.